All-Star Cheer Teams

Our All-Star teams are competitive cheer teams from beginner to advanced. The teams compete at about 7-8 competitions each season, including two out of state competitions. Each Athlete is placed on a team that matches their skill level and age. We have had such great success recently! Last year we achieved 5 Division Champion Titles,  3 State Champion Titles, and 2 National Champion Titles. These programs have been a lot of fun and have taught each athlete how they can achieve success by working hard, having a positive attitude, and working together as a team toward a common goal.Each team practices twice a week and costs will vary depending on the team they are placed on. Please call for more information. The most important thing to know about this program is that we need 100% attendance at all times. It is an activity that requires deep commitment from both parents and athletes!

Cheer Prep Teams

We also offer a less expensive option that does not require the same level of commitment as the All-Star Teams. Each team in the Cheer Prep Program practices once a week and will perform at 1-3 events or competitions throughout the year. This program focuses on the fundamentals and learning basic technique to prepare for the commitment of the All-Star program. However, this is not required before attending All-Star teams. The All-Star teams are made up of athletes who are brand new to cheer as well as those who have been cheering for many years. The cost for tuition is generally half the cost of the All-Star Program and other required costs will not apply in the Cheer Prep Program. Please call for more details.

Tumbling Classes

We offer a few different tumbling classes from beginner to advanced. These classes will focus strictly on technique for tumbling. We use a punch pass system that allows you to miss a class without losing value in the money spent. We sell a 10 punch pass for $90 and use a punch each time you attend class. To find out class times or any other information please give us a call.

Classes Offered